I am learning that I am valuable just for being here and experiencing the earth and space, the animals and the people. The body is a gift in itself, that I can walk, see, listen to music with my ears. Sitting on a rock by a rapids is a gift. To realize that you belong here and are part of something big and magical.

Love is a gift, something that connects me to everyone else on earth.


Knowledge is a gift, but sometimes I need to learn humility first to absorb the knowledge. And humility can be one of the greatest things, also closely related to self-esteem. I don't understand everything all the time, I'm good at this but not that, I'm beautiful but also as tangled as a ball of yarn sometimes and that's okay. I guess that's what they call development. Humility helps me feel safe, like I'm a well cared for child out on wobbly explorations.


Sometimes I believe in myself, but no always

Sometimes I love myself, but not always. But love is unconditional. It's free, too. It's always there if I dig a little, take my time. It can be found in everything, a painting, a tree, a dream in the night...


True love for the self is said to be the opposite of narcissism. I think a narcissist is obsessed with himself or herself even more than he or she loves himself or herself. Obsessed with the self the way others can become obsessed with alcohol or shopping. The obsession shuts out the power of love, which is the healing power, the love force. It is said that you cannot cure a narcissist, any more than you can visit black holes in space. But I hope so. If only one narcissist could reach the root of the damage and enlighten us as to what happened there.


Or if a paedophile could come clean and create his own #metoo movement and healing process around the world. Or a psychopath could start a school for young psychopaths who need to understand empathy. Because we are all humans and in some way in the same boat. The boat is love.