Window View


Window view is a collection of poems and thoughts that describe life from different angles and one's own role in different situations.

Then life is like a new hair dresser - full of surprises

Then life is like a street lamp that obscures the light of the stars

The life is a walk in the woods - everything you need when you don't know what you need

Then life is an alarm clock and oneself a dream

Then life is a moving box - mix the contents so it doesn't become too heavy

"Fönstervy" is funny! Both light-hearted and food for thoughts and often with a comic undertone. The aphorisms are compact while the poems are more serious and of high quality. The author shows how impossible it is to grasp life just by grasping it - Holger Aaronsson

"Striking"- Bengt Hansson

"Clever"- Lina

"Funny with nice poems at the end"- Ulla Svensson

”Bra, Elliot visar en anna sida av sig själv med den här diktboken” – Anna-Karin Svedjestrand

"I like it!"- Kristian

"Really good"- Jesper Österberg