Emma and Tobias, the scar and the feelings

A book for children who have been victims of incest and for relatives, foster families, therapists, kindergarten and school staff. The book is suitable for children aged five and up.

The story is about a boy, Tobias and a girl, Emma and I as the author take a gentle walk through the pain and confusion of sexual abuse. No abuse is described in detail but the focus is on the human dignity and affirmation of the children and the certainty that life can be good again.

There will be a scar on the heart after difficult events but the heart works just as well for it and you are just as you should be, unique and valuable.

"There is such warmth in the language and the author can describe very complicated things so that a child can understand." - Susanne Palm, librarian

"Incredible that you can write like that when you have been through this" - Bengt Söderström, Allmänna Barnhuset.

"My favorite"- Danni