5% of all assaults are reported and 5% of them result in prosecution, so talk about an epidemic.

We medicate the victims, diagnose each one, put them into the psychiatric health care system where they are abused and end up outcasts and in poverty, with guilt, shame.

Tests are made for everything and handed out liberally to every young person. But tests are not designed to detect empathy disorders, specifically narcissism and psychopathy. And, yes, psychopathy in particular is something children are born with, like a defect in the frontal lobe.


You have special schools for other disabilities, so why not have special education that focus on empathy?


No mother wants to hear that the new baby has a void in the frontal lobe, but with the right support, that too can be managed and the child can receive treatment, which actually benefits society. Instead of punishing future victims with poverty, objectification and harmful relationship patterns. Victims of crime are turned into illnesses by our society. But that in itself is the illness.