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Hi, I'm Elliot Ellen Kellman

I find joy in exploring the complexities of life through language. When I was a threatened and abused child, I still felt a sense of purpose when I could describe a person's characteristics, I found a refuge when I could empathize with an event or write a poem about what felt painful.

Today I want to write about topics that are hard to talk about; about children and adults who are struggling. I write against oppression, against mental illness. I believe in life and I want to highlight the beautiful things, as well as the difficult. My own life has been hard, but healing and learning means renewed strength and joy. Interview with me available here about mental health care, trauma, healing and finding yourself: https://www.ebesforlag.se/ebes-förlags-författare-inpå-livet

"If you want a nervous breakdown, all you have to do is push the button on your nose."

A little more about the journey of life

The life journey also includes the fact that a number of years ago I changed my legal gender and now live as a man, so I have added Elliot to my name. There is a lot to be said about being transgender, perhaps the most important being that transgender is about identity and quality of life, about being able to live as yourself. And it's a huge liberation to finally be able to do that.


Children & Youths

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