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Hi, I'm Elliot Kellman

I am a writer with a history of extreme childhood trauma. My trauma means that I developed a dissociative condition, called DID. There is still much to understand about the diagnosis, which is often misunderstood. My latest book, 'Little Bird Flight', is a psychological thriller describing life with DID. I have always loved language and pondering life and existence. You can read more about psychology and existential issues, trauma and DID in my blog on this website. When I was a kid, I felt meaningful when I could describe a person's characteristics, I had a refuge when I could empathize with an event or make a poem out of what felt painful. Today I have published eight books for children and adults with the common denominator: seeing people in vulnerability and exclusion. I write against oppression, against psychological suffering. I believe in life and want to highlight the good, as well as the very difficult. My own life has involved real trials, but healing and learning means renewed strength. Där finns glädjen.

"If you want a nervous breakdown, all you have to do is push the button on your nose."

A little more about the journey of life

The life journey also includes the fact that I have changed my legal gender a number of years ago and live as a man. There is a lot to say about being transgender, perhaps the most important is that trans is about identity and quality of life. And it is a huge relief to finally be able to be at home with oneself. Gender is not directly linked to trauma, but these two journeys, the trauma recovery and gender identity have been going on in parallel. But everything is part of life and I write about life in a general human way in the aphorism book "Window view", which is a good tool for writing essays in school. Who am I, who was I, what do I want to be? These are things we all want to think about from time to time based on our own life experiences. You can buy books via Bokus or order signed copies directly from me by emailing kellman.ellen@gmail.com.


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